Rakka Arashi is property of Bakura Yuri (白骨柆 游利).

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Rakka Arashi
Falling Storm
(Rakka Arashi)
Owner Bakura Yuri
Former Owner

Bakura Kyo (Deceased)

Origin Amegakure
Soul Arashin
Rank Regalia Weapon
Type Sword

Rakka Arashi, a sword type Regalia Weapon which was created by Tatsutahime with the precious Anima, before the First Shinobi World War. Tatsutahime sealed the soul of Storm God, Arashin inside an Anima before merged it into a sword and left it into a cave resided in the hinderland of Amegakure. The place becomes the base of Bakura Clan afterward. There were few peoples who attempted to acquire it but died during the process because of ultimately lost of chakra. The only known user who capable to use it are Bakura Kyo and Bakura Yuri.

Properties and Appearance Edit

Rakka Arashi created by the energy of Tatsutahime mixed with various of hard materials and minerals such as onyx, diamond, ruby and gold. Within the Anima of the sword, soul of Storm God is sealed by Tatsutahime. Rakka Arashi appearance is quite different compare to a normal sword, it consists of curving silver and grey blade and a black and white hilt. What make the sword special is within it contains a special core, calls Anima. Anima served as a shelter for the soul of the Storm God. Without it, the sword will just be another common sword. The rain guard of Rakka Arashi is a unique which take form as a mini sword with golden surface. The blade itself is made with Onyx. The sword will slowly regenerate if it is broken but it consume the chakra of the user into the Anima. Whoever hold the sword will had his chakra consumed by the Anima within the sword.

History Edit

This Regalia weapon was created by Tatsutahime, one of the god of season before the First Shinobi World War. Tatsutahime spent a lot of times creating this Regalia Sword, hoped someone will make good use of the Regalia Sword. She sealed the soul of Arashin into the Anima before underwent metallurgy to make a Regalia Sword and left it within a cave at the Amegakure's Hinterland. She carved the name of the sword before returned to the Heaven.

Trivia Edit

  • Rakka Arashi represent Autumn
  • There are 4 swords of season including Rakka Arashi
    • Kaika Honoo / Blooming Flame (Spring)
    • Saigo Bakuhatsu / Extreme Blast (Summer)
    • Tōketsu Nami / Freezing Wave (Winter)