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Heaven Release
Heaven Release
Kanji 天遁
Rōmaji Tenton
English Heaven Style
Appears In Yuri Fanon
Known Wielders Chen Guohui

Heaven Release (天遁, Tenton; literally "Heaven Style") is a Advance Nature Transformation unique to Chen Clan hailed from Roran, which grants the user to to manipulate their Yin Release and Wind Release together to create this Kekkei Genkai which allows one to create low pressure in a specific location at whim.

Almost all techniques of Heaven Release consists of creating low pressure in a specific area. To explain deeper, Heaven Release granted the user to remove gas in a specific area. According to the nature law, gas will move from high to low pressure until achieving equilibrium pressure. However, this special Kekkei Genkai restricts the gas surrounding from entering the area. The user is granted the choice to undo the restriction, once the user choose to, the gas of surrounding will burst into the area in high speed because of the unbalance pressure and acted as offensive technique. Experience user can repel gas from entering the area from farther range.

Nobody has succeeded of staying alive to tell the tale after witnessed Heaven Release, one of the the legend Kekkei Genkai of Loulan Ruin located at Roran. Rumor said this style unique to only Chen Guohui, who is the master of Heaven Release, where he can create tiny pressure to serve in offensive or defensive jutsu. According to the legend, this Kekkei Genkai is rare even in Chen Clan, who was the clan gifted with Heaven and Hell Release. This technique is difficult to control because large amount of stamina and chakra is consumed to restrict gas from entering a low pressure area.


  • When large amount of gas is removed in a specific area, light blue color will be formed.
  • Vacuum is the highest state of Heaven Release.
    • Vacuum creates unlimited vacuum at a specific area in high speed, which caused unstoppable and permanent attraction which can pull almost everything toward the center.
    • Vacuum will formed white color in the specific area.
  • Minimum is the second highest state of Heaven Release.
    • Minimum creates vacuum in a specific area. When the gas is allow to enter the area, it will caused extremely large attraction which can pull almost everything toward the center.
    • Minimum will formed white-blue color in the specific area.